Indirect Training

American Heart Association has ended the Virtual Programs. Training Centers and Sites are no longer allowed to use Options like Zoom or any virtual type program. We only used Zoom early in the Pandemic; otherwise,  AHA has created a great alternative for Initial students and is efficient even for Renewals. In October 2020, the AHA released a completely different program for ACLS, PALS. The BLS course will always be a hands-on program but, we had to adapt with Covid. .

For the ACLS & PALS classes, things changed a lot. Students can now view all the videos at home.  You also get to take the Exam online at home.  This way, we don’t have students sitting in close proximity to watch videos or to take an exam.

Our students are experiencing excellent results with this new format.  Knowledge retention and very high exam scores tell us this system works great for everyone.