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Five Steps to Adult Cardiac Arrest

ADULT Cardiac Arrest (absence of a Palpable pulse) could be a bummer, Not for our Students.1. Is a Defibrillator/AED available? If so, Use It. Anytime a shock-able rhythm is present, It Should Be De-fibrillated. 2. On a, b. or c. Start CPR; a. Immediately after the Defibrillation b. If a non-shock-able rhythm is encountered c. […]

The Blog Spot

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Asystole – Prove It! I can give a scientific view to Asystole.In Asystole your patient’s heart is DEAD, Zero electrical activity. So, Let’s Prove It!There is a difference between discontinuity and a real Rhythm on the monitor.A Flat Line is usually never real, check LEADS.Asystole is defined as a cardiac arrest rhythm in which there […]

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